Services/ Product Offered

Okay Communication Inc. provides a comprehensive set of value added consumer services that will specifically cater to our audience and product. These services include:

  • Okay Morning Rush / Time: 7:00 AM – 10:00AM
  • OK Mid day News: 12:00 PM

Overview of happenings

This program is aim at presenting major concerns and highlighting specifics issues such as: politics, social academic and religious activities. Presenters of this program are highly experienced with industrial media counterpart.

  • Inside the market /Time: T/TH 11:00AM

This program provides issues surrounding economics welfare and conditions in the country and the world. Issues unfolding in the business environment and are responsible to keep abreast the listening audience of common economic trends. Presenters of this Program are dependable and informed..

  • Afternoon conversation / TIME: M –F : 3:00 PM – 6PM

This program focuses on general views from the listing public; their view on happenings in the government or issues confronting their environments. Presenters of this program are loyal to the conduct of journalism and are the key to retaining our customers. Each customer is authenticated, thus our programming, products and content will be specifically targeted to our customers buying and listening habits.

  • Ok Hard Talk/ Time: M/W/TH: 8:PM- 10Pm

This program contains the general summary of weekly presentation.

  • THE EXPERTS/ Time: Saturday 7:00PM -9:PM

This program focuses on experienced and successful individuals that want to promulgate their expertise through the media to enhance other youth ability to proactively engage in their area of study.

  • Ok Entertainment / Time: Saturday 10:AM – 12PM
  • The Company has created entertainment programs that bring the attention of the customers to the station. Entertainment and sports target the youthful population which constitutes the highest portion of the country’s population. Such programs will meet the taste of a huge audience base on that will attract advertisers and sponsors.
  • Ok worship hour/ Time: Sunday 1:00 – 5:30PM

This includes meeting with divergent of gospel musical artist giving them the platform to express their ambition to the public that will seek promotions / sponsorship.